Instructional Support

Arizona Project WET wants to partner with you to incorporate real world, relevancy that helps make standards-based learning engaging, interesting, and action-oriented for Arizona students at all grade levels. We know that sense-making is a conceptual process, and we use models and facilitated sessions that help students construct logical and coherent explanations of their learning. Curriculum units, teacher professional development, facilitated sessions for your students, field days, and instructional resources are all available to you.

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Curriculum Units and Lessons

Water Scene Investigation

Project based learning lessons have students acting to save water at home and at school.


Three curriculum units bring Arizona-specific content in to standards based instruction for upper grades.

Arizona Water Festivals

Curriculum unit and festival eventfully cover 2 of the 11 science standards at fourth grade level.

Groundwater Education

Lessons for all grade levels drive learning through model exploration, both virtual and physical, of the groundwater system.



Discover water in Arizona through place-based videos, engaging online activities, and geo-located photos. Become a citizen scientist and help your community become more resilient to climate change and severe drought. Find tools and resources to share your observations from the natural world.

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Resources and Tools

Photo Gallery

Check out what students are doing with Arizona Project WET!

Create Your Own Video

View short video clips about water in the west. Find a topic that you’re interested in. Assemble the clips, reorder them and put together a mini documentary on that topic. Share the mini documentary with your friends!

Make your own documentary on water in the West with professional video clips you stack together.

Citizen Science Tools

Interested in something? These apps can be used to collect, store and share data. And best of all, the data you collect goes into a larger database that scientists use to solve problems!

Explore and share observations from the natural world.

Droughts are getting more severe. Tell us how that's impacting your community.

Community Members


The intricacies of Arizona’s interconnected water resources and their importance to our lives in Arizona are unequivocal. Learn about Arizona’s water supplies by booking a speaker, ordering books, or taking an online academy. You have to be aware to care!

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