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Investing in effective water education is in the best interest of every Arizonan, young or old. Arizona Project WET assesses K-12 needs and develops programming that speaks the language of teachers and the Arizona Science Standards bridging water management, supply, and conservation messaging.

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Arizona Project WET has funding to help you bring real world and relevant content into standards-based instruction. We provide easy-to-integrate, student-centered curriculum units and lessons for school district, school, and classroom adoption. Students learning with Arizona Project WET resources make sense of phenomena in the world around them.

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Make your service matter in the lives of Arizona children or youth!

Arizona Project WET offers effective programming that connects volunteers with Arizona’s K-12 students in mutually beneficial ways. We train community members to deliver lessons using exploration and inquiry, mentor-student investigations, chaperone auditing activities at schools and activate learning online.



AWF volunteers learn to deliver scripted lessons using models to explore systems and ask effective questions to drive thinking. We train volunteers from the community where the water festival is occurring to deliver effective instruction to their 4th grade students.

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Science Mentors accompany small groups of students conducting science investigations in the field. They accompany the group to their testing site, help them prepare with the appropriate equipment, monitor their progress following the procedure, keep track of time, and encourage students to use good science skills by “certifying” them as field scientists.

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Chaperones accompany small groups of students to school bathrooms to conduct faucet flow rate measurements. Chaperones help students prepare with the appropriate equipment, monitor their progress following the procedure, and then help them remove an old aerator and install a new water-efficient one. Using this data, students determine how much water the school uses and how much will be saved by changing to water-efficient aerators.

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Virtual Education Presenters deliver scripted lessons using online activation methods and effective questions to drive thinking. Presenters engage learners, either in classrooms or learning from home, with engaging presentations on the groundwater system, plant “superheroes”, or a virtual trip to a water place to investigate the animals that live there.

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Not sure how to help?

Arizona Project WET offers volunteers numerous opportunities for meaningful service. Volunteers learn to facilitate student instruction through exploration and inquiry. They help students install water efficient technology to achieve real water savings. If you are not sure about the opportunities listed above or would like more information, click the “reach out” button below and fill out the volunteer Registration form.

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“Thank you for the continuous opportunities for our students & educators-in-training to get first-hand facilitation and leadership experiences. Your program is an invaluable part of their training as environmental educators –not to mention fun & inspiring for all who attend. Looking forward to future collaborations. With gratitude”

Ellen Bashor, Professor